Returning home & Remembering our Wholeness

I share tools and resources for tuning inwards, nurturing the tender parts that need more of our love and for cultivating a content life that is nourishing and honours our personal truths.

Here to remind you of how it feels to live from a place of Wholeness.


Our Beingness


The truth is, despite the idea we have come to form about the world and about ourselves most parts of it had been through the funnels of our own life experiences. At our core, our true essence - our Beingness needs no validation nor fixing. We are Whole, Complete, divinely Perfect and so Worthy. Yes, despite it all.


Learning to create our own realities from a place of authenticity and alignment with who we are, gives us the power to manifest not only our deepest desires but to be the Person we have been deeply yearning to be, and that is You at your essence.

To witness oneself come alive and live alive, is a blessing. I pray that you live to witness yourself settling fully and comfortably in your body, and more so in your truth. So keep filling hours of your life living alive, awake and honest.


Be brave and be courageous to witness yourself at your fullest, all the parts of you that you have never been open to see and experience. Allow yourself access to your totality.

There you will find the Love that you already are.

with love, thank you for being here.


Image by Jonathan Farber
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Living Content Podcast

Living Content podcast is a wellness podcast based in South Africa that explores deep meaningful conversations on holistic wellness. Covering  topics on healing, wellbeing, self development and self-care modalities accessible to the modern woman. Such as journaling, macrame creative workshops, retreats and mindfulness meditation.

Olerato's mission is to see more black women heal. This platform exist to contribute to that narrative.

Countries Reach

Reached 43 Countries

Top Countries following S.A are Botswana, Eswatini, US, UK and Kenya


+ 19 000

We are a growing podcast. In just a year we managed to reach

15 thousand downloads.


Majority are Women

83% Women, 7% Men and 2% non-bianary

Available Platforms

Most listened on Apple Podcast & Spotify

Also available on Google Podcast, Overcast, Stitcher, RadioPublic and Breaker


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Creativity is a way of being, a powerful pathway for healing, emotional expression and presence.


LIVING CONTENT shop is a hobby that transitioned into a labour of love, all pieces are made with the intention to spread joy and love.

The Shop also offers Macramé creative workshops for retreats and group experiences.

"Our home space reflect our inner space. May your dwelling place be a beautiful mirror of your inner dwelling."