My name is Lerato, but call me Olerato

I am a writer, a creative, founder and podcast host of Living Content Podcast. I also like to consider myself as a space holder and a conduit of love and light. 

Through the shop I share work that I created with the intention to spread joy, and through my social media platform and the Podcast I share soft healing words, tools and resources to facilitate self-healing and inner work.


The resources I share help with breaking believes that are not serving our highest good, learning to cultivate and nurture the life we desire for ourselves by gaining self-trust, creating boundaries, learning self-love and self-forgiveness, and honouring who we truly are.

Read more about my story below.


hey, you!

Childhood Story

Over the years of my childhood I experienced a lot of bullying. The thing about experiencing bullying for extended period of time is that it has the power to make one believe that being seen for who they are is not safe. The rejection of self reinforced the idea that I did not belong. 

These experiences manifested a person in me who was a good people pleaser, a perfectionist, constantly seeking validation, and with very low self esteem feeling like they were never enough.

Healing for me meant doing a lot of shadow and inner child work. Relooking at all the ways which I was sabotaging and sacrificing myself - recognizing the root of it and doing the work of unlearning. Part of that journey was led with self-forgiveness, self-compassion and cultivating the sort of tenderness my inner child needed.

From what I've learned through healing I felt compelled to share my story and to help those on a similar journey to find their healing, this is when I started Living Content Podcast.

My Journey thereafter

I am the first university graduate from my family now with a Masters degree in Economics Science from the University of Witwatersrand. I have 6 years working experience in the financial sector.


While working in corporate I experienced a lot of burnout, discontentment and depression these were some of the health issues I saw a lot of my colleagues also experience. I strove to deliver my best work at all times, attaching my worth on work and yet still feeling like it was all not good enough. It was then when I realized how living out of alignment with self (ones personal truth) created dis-ease, disharmony and emptiness in most people's lives. 

I started Living Content with the mission to see spaces and resources for healing being accessible to more people. Inner work is fundamentally our own responsibility even when we have guides, healing cannot be outsourced. Therefore it is important to cultivate healing work that is accessible to us with resources at our disposal.


Living Content podcast has now become a wellness podcast that explores deep meaningful conversations on holistic wellness. Covering  topics on healing, wellbeing, self development and self-care modalities accessible to the modern woman. Such as journaling, creative workshops, retreats and meditations.

Fun facts about me


I am raising a beautiful daughter

Our favourite bonding time is watching animation movies together, which I enjoy most.

I am doing this life thing with my best friend

We met in 2015 and hit it off in 2016. The gap between was left for the pursuing.


I am a lover of plants & macrame

Plants have played a part in my healing and so has creating art.

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My HD and Signs

My Human Design energy type is a 6/2 Manifestor with Emotional authority. My rising sign is in Taurus, Sun sign in Taurus and Moon sign in Cancer.