My Work

The most beautiful thing about life is that there are many modalities/mediums through which you can remember self, experience yourself fully, understand your wounding better, witness yourself heal and cultivate joy in your life. Here I share the spaces and tools that I have crafted and created as my offering in this world.


A safe space to find healing, growth and renewal. This is an intimate space where women gather to co-create an experience where they can witness themselves through different healing modalities such as journaling, creativity, mindful meditation, yoga, hiking, socializing and group discussion.

A one day workshop curated for women to meet, meditate, journal, conversate, create and dance with like hearted women who they will co-create a safe space together. It's a beautiful experience where you can meet yourself away from the world's hurry, responsibilities and need for performance. In this creative workshop you will be there for yourself first, and at the end of the day you will leave with a tangible and intangible gift you to yourself.


This is a soft landing place where you can find some of my gentle guided meditations that I've released in other platforms and have housed here for you to come back to whenever you need to.

There are so many tools that helped me in my own healing journey. When I started Living Content it was with the mission to see spaces and resources for healing being accessible to more people. Through the shop I want to make available to you more resources, pieces of art and other funs stuff that could make the journey of remembering self even more beautiful.